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Oceanking 2 EMP jammer with remote control no24r


Anti alarm Ocean king jammer EMP wukong  BMW Ferrari crocodile Malaysia with remote control

How to used jammer on wukong oceanking 2 BMW Ferrari crocodile

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Anti alarm Oceanking 2 jammer EMP wukong  crocodile Malaysia with remote control

ocean king jammer

emp generator for slot Product introduction:
Power supply voltage: 12V
Working voltage: 36V
Working mode: Fixed frequency
Antenna mode: built-in + enhanced external [removable]
Instrument color: Black
Instrument size: 85X50X21MM
Instrument power: 20W
Power switch: double switch
Heat radiation mode: internal heat sink
Working type:With remote control
Anti alarm can hidden in cigarette box
Charging time:10~15 Mins







wukong jammer

jammer slot

Have customer battery exploded or why Triode burnout

1.why battery broken ?
The reason is the jammer power used empty and then charging (that easy broken battery )
How to deal with:charging the power in time and power off when you finish used it (because the remote control continue working when the power switch on )
2.why Triode burnout
Each time press the jammer less than 5 seconds or Triode Overheated and easy broken (emp jammer power very big and easy Overheated )

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm


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